B espoke Liquor Cabinet Components in  Upper West Side Apartment


Bespoke Liquor Cabinet Components in Upper West Side Apartment

Our Philosophy


Brian and Lauren founded Frances Mildred in 2012 after years of working together professionally.  During this time they developed a mutual respect for their complimentary backgrounds, and found they both inspired in the other a common desire to make things better.  Beyond building and beyond construction, there is an aspirational notion of "making" that forms the foundation for all of the work at Frances Mildred.  From the initial ideas formulated with our clients, through the materials and concepts we choose to employ, to detailed drawings we develop with the fabricators and contractors that execute the final construction, this notion of something made suffuses all of our conversations.  

At the core of every design we produce is the client.  Our ambition from the outset is to interpret and re-imagine the basic requirements and desires that our clients bring to the project.  Through an intensely collaborative process of design involving the expertise of the "makers" that will actually perform the work, these desires are transformed and made into a new and unique reality.  And we have an adamant belief that this new reality should be long-lived.  The considered way our projects wear, age, and patina is a deliberate part of the design process intended to create a natural and organic architecture.

Frances Mildred is named after Brian's Grandmother, not only in reverence to an inspiring personality whose values we hold dear, but also to signify the familial nature of the way we work.  We rely on strong relationships, based on a proven confluence of quality and aesthetic, after many years of successful builds.








Brian Papa, 



Brian cares most deeply for how things are put together, and the beauty that arises from a careful assembly of materials.  Prior to launching Frances Mildred with Lauren, Brian was a partner at MADE, a design and build company he founded in 2001 with Oliver Freundlich and Ben Bischoff, colleagues from Yale University. 

He began his formal education with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, and developed his love for practical construction while earning a Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture.


Lauren Maccuaig,



Lauren has always had a love for materials, textures, colors, and space.   Before creating Frances Mildred, she worked at MADE for a number of years, and at Terrain, a New York based landscape architecture firm.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art where she focused her studies on Textiles and Drawing.  Her interests then led to further study at the University of Pennsylvania where she was awarded her Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture.   




Jacqui Robbins, Designer

Jacqui attended RMIT in Melbourne, Australia for both her B.Des and M.Arch, and is a licensed Architect there.  In Melbourne she worked at awarded firm McBride Charles Ryan, before relocating to New York City for a placement within the Guggenheim Museum's design department.  Currently she splits her time between collaborating with Frances Mildred and launching Frontispiece, an artist in residency program in upstate New York. http://frontispiecehudson.com/frontispiece.html

Oliver Freundlich, Designer


Cemre Durusoy, Architect


Matthew Hogan, Fabricator


Anthony Visco, Fabricator


Robertson-Tait, Contractor


Edmund Lewis, Contractor